About Us

Khatau Group consists of three family-owned businesses trusted by thousands for the quality of services provided. Having served clients in Nairobi for over 20 years, Khatau Group is now aiming to broaden its client base to international markets.

Our Mission

Helping companies grow by providing solutions tailored towards their business goals.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We are very pleased with the after sales support on OptiCare. Not only is it great having a speedy software that improves our day to day operations & saves on our costs, but knowing that Mohamed built this himself and is capable of expanding/modifying Opticare along the way to suit our needs is a big deal for us."

James Mrkela (CEO), OpticStyles - London

"I highly recommend Mohamedmehdi to any client seeking a custom software for their business. His team is very capable and have never let us down in case we needed any assistance on the system."

Raheel Khimji (Manager), Zayn Auto Care Ltd - Nairobi